Vision Foam Flyer Softtop 6’0


Vision softtop surfboard.

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Vision Soft Surfboard Foam Flyer 6’0

This surfboard is an ideal board to get your kids into surfing. The soft deck and fins keep your kids safe while the high volume and the flat rocker make it an excellent first surfboard that will provide lots of fun. The board suits kids from 6-12 years old.

The XPS core is 100% Waterproof EPS Foam made exclusively for soft surfboards. This core is lighter and stiffer than PE and Dow Cores which make it a great performance choice for soft surfboards. The deck is smooth and shock absorbing. The drop rail is a simple construction where the IXPE deck skin drops down over the side/rail of the surfboard and connects directly to the bottom which makes the board durable. The board features a removable fin system, with the advantage of being able to switch fins depending on the rider (small or large).

Size: 6’0 x 20 1/2 x 3/Fins Included

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