Sticky Bumps Surf Wax Basecoat


Sticky Bumps Base coat; First layer under the wax for better grip on your surfboard.

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Surf Wax Basecoat Sticky Bumps

Apply a layer of surf wax base coat to your new or clean surf board. As a result, the new layer of normal surf wax will be applied to a structure. This gives better attachment to the normal surf wax and you have more grip. Moreover, you need less wax on a layer base coat.

How does it work? Apply the base coat wax to your clean and degreased surfboard. Do not press too hard and wax with a large surface each time in a different direction. You will see that a bubble pattern arises. Then apply the normal softer wax to your hard base coat layer and you will experience the best grip.

Choose your wax at the water temperature for optimal grip:

  • Cold: 15c and below
  • Cool: 14-19C
  • Warm: 19-28C
  • Tropical: 24C and above
  • Basecoat: All Temp First Layer