Sun Cure ultra white filler


Suncure White filler for the repair of polyester surfboards.

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Sun Cure Ultra White Filler

The SunCure White Filler is the quickest way to fill all sorts of damage. The white polyester filler works super fast and is suitable for polyester. Such as PU (Polyester Urethane) surfboards. The white polyester filler is especially suitable for larger holes that need to be filled. The white filler replaces the foam so that the repaired surface is super strong.

You can use the Sun cure Ultra white filler straight from the tube. No mixing and no adding. The resin dries in the sun within 5 minutes. The repair is permanent.

The Sun Cure white filler features:

  • 2oz white filler resin
  • 2-Ply Sandpaper
  • applicators
  • cover sheet
  • Instructions

ANYONE can repair their polyester surfboard with SunCure Ultra white filler.


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