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Simon Anderson DTS ‘Dayne Reynolds surfing at the Trestles WCT event 2 years ago set the board design world alight with the Dumpster Diver, the DTS is my version. The DTS is ideal for 1-4ft surf, with a wide rounded square tail and a pointier nose than most performance fish boards. The bottom has a deep single to double concave with vee in the tail, and a thruster set-up with medium soft rails The wide tail allows for good speed in small waves, while moderate vee in the tail aids with rail to rail smoothness. The narrower nose plan-shape low nose entry combination with medium tail rocker assists tight in the pocket rail turns with controlled slide at the end of the arc if desired. Team riders Adam Robertson, Jay Bottle Thompson and some young crew from Narrabeen have all been riding the DTS and the feedback has been very positive ‘speed and manoeuvrability to burn’. The DTS can be ridden by all levels and is a true performance fish enabling good surfers to shred small waves at speed in the same way as they would surf their high performance thrusters in good surf.’

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