Phynix surfboard by Antonio Leopoldo


Second-hand shortboard 6’4 for fast hollow waves by Antonio Leopoldo.

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Used Phynix surfboard by Antonio Leopoldo

This surfboard was created by Antonio Leopoldo from Supertubos, Portugal. This is exactly what you want to use this board for. Good fast hollow waves like Supertubos but also a great board for Racetracks, Uluwatu or other fast hollow waves. What makes this shortboard unique is the channel bottom. The channels not only relieve a lot of drive in the pocket but also provide enough hold to keep line when the waves get thick and hollow.

The dimensions on the board indicate 6’4 x 18 x 2 3/8. But the board is at least 18 1/2 wide. I’d estimate about 30 liters. Ideal for chargers of about 80 in serious waves.

Furthermore, the board is equipped with rounded pin and single concave into channel bottom with a light Vee.

Board has 2 minor repairs; 1 on the nose and 1 at the fin box. Further on, besides some pressure dings in good condition and surf ready.