Mr Zogs Sex Wax Quick Humps Tropic


Tropical surf wax Mr. Zog Sex Wax. Eco friendly and super good grip in seawater from 26 degrees.

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Sex Wax Tropic Mr Zogs tropical surfwax or Basecoat

When you go to the tropics to destinations like Indonesia you need a hard surf wax. The tropical surf wax from Sex Wax is hardness x 6 and is the hardest surf wax from the Sex Wax series by Mr Zogs. Use this wax for ultimate grip on your surfboard. This wax gives the most grip in water temperatures of 26 degrees celcius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

You can also use Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax Quick Humps Tropic as a basecoat. Because the wax x has 6 hardness, the wax is an ideal hard basecoat on which you can apply other surf wax.

In addition to perfect grip and basecoat, the wax is not toxic. All the ingredients of this wax are characterized by american food and authority as: Suitable for consumption. Although the wax is obviously not intended for that!

The packaging of the wax also consists of 100 recycled material. The ink on the packaging is environmentally friendly.

In short Sex Wax Cold not only provides a super grip but is also Eco-Friendly.