Gorilla Grip Uno Camo Aquatica


Gorilla Grip 1-piece footpad Uno Camo Aquatica for grip on your surfboard.

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Gorilla Grip Tailpad Uno Camo Aquatica

The Tailpad Uno Camo Aquatica is a one-piece deck grip. This makes the surf grip ideal for standard shortboards and surfboards with a narrower tail where spreading the tail pad is not necessary. The tail pad has a Tri-Hex multi-point groove with some greater distance. This provides targeted foot resistance with extra board feel. The deck pad comes with a block wedge. This is gorilla’s steeper but compact wedge. Designed to keep your back foot in place. Furthermore, it gradually descends on the edges to reduce water resistance.


  • 1 piece footpad
  • Tabletop Arch
  • Tri-Hex Groove

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