Big Ding Polyester Repair Kit


Big Ding Polyester Repair kit, very complete for major repairs to your surfboard, boat or other polyester material.

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Big Ding Polyester Repair Kit

Very complete polyester repair kit for all polyester repairs. Suitable for polyester surfboards, windsurfboards, boats and more. All you need for a repair is in the Big Ding polyester Repair Kit. Besides the resin and the hardner also scissors and gloves for example! Repair your own surfboard professionally and buy the Big Ding Polyester repair kit now.

The kit includes:

  • 250 ml polyester resin
  • 10 ml MEKP hardener
  • 10 g microballoons
  • Enough hexal fiberglass cloth
  • 8 pieces of sandpaper (4 grits)
  • Cups, wooden stirrers and applicators
  • masking tape, foil & sticker
  • 2 Pairs of gloves
  • Scissors
  • Instructions