Big Ding Epoxy Repair Kit


Repair kit for Epoxy and polyester surfboards from Big Ding.

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Big Ding Epoxy Ding Repair

This is the best epoxy repair kit for surfboards. With this complete set you easily repair large and small damage. The thing repair set is suitable for epoxy but also for polyester surfboards. Also easy to use, even when you have little experience in repairing a surfboard. In addition, this epoxy repair kit is very complete. The Big Ding Epoxy repair set contains all the necessities for repairs to your surfboard. The kit is also supplied in handy bus to keep everything together.

  • 100 ml transparent epoxy resin
  • 50 ml transparant hardner
  • 10 grams Micro Balloons
  • Big Fiberglass Mat
  • 8 pieces of sandpaper, wooden putty, stir sticks, tape, foil and sticker
  • Latex Gloves
  • Scissors
  • User manual

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