Buying a surfboard online is less difficult than you think.

What should you pay attention to?
Most importantly when buying a surfboard or custom shaped surfboard is to check the volume you need and how it is distributed. The volume can not be read from the length of a surfboard. Therefore, always be advised by a good (online) surf shop. Remember the width and thickness do not say it all. Specified surfboard sizes always assume the longest, the widest and the thickest point. For example, if your surfboard is very long but rather narrow in the nose and tail, this board is probably unsuitable for beginners. On the other hand, a short surfboard that is very wide and wide to the nose can be suitable for beginners. Although it is a short board.

Furthermore, there are plenty of possibilities regarding the shape you are looking for. Because each shape is suitable for certain surf conditions. Not all shapes are suitable for North Sea waves just as not all shapes are suitable for thick Bali barrels. The difference is often in the small nuances in a surfboard. Like a round or a sharp rail, some more or less volume in the nose, etc. Don’t let the amount of liters fool you either! You can’t select the perfect board by just knowing the volume you usually surf. It all depends on the distribution of the volume.

Custom shaped surfboards

Many of the surfboards that we offer on our website are custom shaped at no extra cost. With more than 20 years of surfing experience around the world, we can help many surfers to purchase their perfect surfboard. We are happy to advise you also. If we are not sure, we ask the opinion of  one of the best surfboard shapers in the world. This way we try to make it easier to buy a surfboard online and we make sure that we hook you up with your best board ever.

Are you looking for a surfboard for surfing and want to get the most out of your sessions? Feel free to contact us!