Long&Funboard boardbags

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Showing all 6 results

Features of the longboard boardbag and funboard cover

A Longboard and Funboard board bag is suitable for longer and wider surfboards. Characteristic of these surfboard covers are of course the length. Also a funboard or longboard boardbag has enough space in the tail and nose area. Your mini malibu will therefore often not fit into a shortboard board bag. Not even if the length measurement is correct. A board bag longboard or funboard provides protection against the sun by sunlight reflecting material. The covers are usually 5 or 10 millimeters thick and provided with a carrying strap.

Different type of long and funboard cover

Just like with any other board bag, there are various degradations. In our shop you can buy inexpensive lite covers. This is the lightest surfboard bag. These are suitable for everyday transport in or on the car and for storage in the barn. We also have the day use covers. A similar cover but slightly heavier and slightly more lining. If you want a little more security than a day use cover is your board cover. Finally, we have the flight cases. These are travel boardbags designed for traveling by plane. Extra compact and thickly lined. Often these boardbags have an interior that fits your board exactly.

In short, in our shop you can buy the protection your funboard, mini malibu or longboard needs.