Surfboard bags

Why is a board bag for your surfboard so important?

A surfboard cover provides protection against sunlight and damage. Often a surfboard bag is used during transport but also when you store your surfboard it is important to protect it. Many surfboards are discolored by sunlight. That is why a boardbag is often reflective.

What surfboard bag do I use for daily transport?

Boardbags are available for all kinds of transport. For daily trips to your local break a stretch cover or boardsock is often sufficient. This is a cotton stretch cover that you slide around your surfboard like a sock. But if you tie your surfboards on the roof, a slightly thicker protective cover is recommended. For this you have a day use boardbag or a lite surfboard cover. Also these board bags often offer sun and shock protection and are usually 5 millimeters thick.

What boardbag do I need when I travel by plane?

When you fly and you take your surfboards with you, you need more protection. In the plane there is all kinds of luggage on your surfboard in the storage cabin. For this you can buy a travel boardbag for your surfboard. Also called flight case or travel cover. Travel covers are often 10 millimeters thick and lined with shock absorbent material. Characteristic of travel surfboard covers is that they often offer space for more than one board. More important; each board is protected in a separate compartment. This allows you to safely transport 1 to 4 surfboards in a single, double or triple board bag. Besides single boardbags we serve the surfer who goes for convenience. You can also buy wheelie board bags in our shop. These board covers can be rolled over the entire airport with a handle so you won’t have to carry the weight.

What cover do I need for which surf board?

Every surfboard requires a certain surfboard bag. A retro surfboard or fish cover for example is a bit wider in the nose and tail and obviously a boardbag for your longboard needs to be long and firm. In short, in our shop you will find a board bag for every occasion and every type of surfboard.