Surf Accessories

Essential surf accessories

Surf accessories are essential for every surfer. In our shop you can buy all imaginable surfgear. First of all the basics like a tail pad, surf wax or a leash. In addition, you will find everything to repair your surfboard or wetsuit. For your fast ding repair we offer quick fix like Suncure. And for your extensive repair we have complete repair sets.

Surf trip and surf holiday

You can also buy all supplies for your surf trip. Because surf trips are the most beautiful thing in the life of a surfer, we offer a wide range of surfgear. What do you have to pay attention to when you go on a trip? Firstly, a surf guide map or surf guide is always handy next to the internet. Especially in remote areas you can not always rely on Wi-Fi. And then a good old surf guide or surf map can come in handy. In addition, you have to protect yourself from the sun, especially in the tropics a high factor of zinc is recommended. At least as important is the transport of your surfboard. If you are traveling by car, surfboard roof carriers/roof rack or straps are a must. A proper travel board bag is required in the aircraft.

Changing and comfort

Also when you have finished surfing, it is nice to have some comfort. Think of a changing mat to stand on or a nice warm poncho for the winter. In addition, it is nice to be able to store your wet stuff. For this we have a wetbag, a waterproof duffle or backpack. Handy to transport your wet stuff but also useful to keep your clothes dry when you are surfing. Don’t like changing on the beach? Then you just order a waterproof car seat cover. This keeps everything dry inside your car and you can drive home in your wetsuit.

In short, all surf accessories have been thought of. That is because we are also crazy about surfing and understand what you need!