Metallic Kendama

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Kendama Metallic Skill Game

The Kendama Metallic is a nice sleek Kendama. The Metallic Kendama is available in multiple colors. In addition to the Metallic colored ball, your Kendama has a wooden handle and string attached.

In addition, DUKE Kendamas are of very good quality and last a long time. All Kendamas are delivered from stock. The Kendamas are also equipped with a spare cord. You can buy any Kendama Metallic Skill Game online in our shop and pay through almost any payment method.

This wooden toy is never boring. You can combine endlessly while also training your hand-eye coordination. Practice everywhere: Inside, outside, with friends, only if you’re bored, waiting for the bus or just want to get better. Buy your Kendama now. But don’t forget; Practice makes perfect!