Dave Surfboards offers the largest Kendamas collection in the Netherlands. This stylish Kendama wooden toy is an extremely addictive game of skill from Japan. The Kendama improves hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflexes. The game is great for young and old. There are endless tricks for both beginners and seasoned Kendama Masters.

The Kendama skill game consists of Ken (Japanese for handle) and Tama (Japanese for ball). The ball is stuck with a cord. Kendama tricks consist of throwing and catching the ball on the 2 large tubs, the small tub. But if you get more advanced, you can also catch the ball on the point. At the same time you try to find your balance and you come up with creative solutions to reach your goal.

To become a good Kendama player you have to practice a lot and focus well. You also have to be patient and be able to think creatively with this wooden skill game.

Kendama is a wooden game of skill that the more you play it, the more fun it gets. You are also working in a healthy and responsible manner! You also train hand-eye coordination with the Kendama. That is certainly very important for children.

The Kendama is suitable for young and old but we recommend this crazy wooden skill toy for children from 8 years and older.