Dave Surfboards was founded in 2006 from my stoke for surfing. Surfing was on the rise and especially on well-known spots there was already plenty of surfing. On these spots there was also a reasonable range of surfboards. However, in the rest of the Netherlands there were mainly beginner boards available or boards with a lot of volume for dutch surf. Because there were few affordable performance boards on the market for the advanced surfers, I started working with European shapers to change this. Because as we all know by now, the Netherlands also has top days. In addition, the level of the Dutch surfer increases every year.


As soon as Dave Surfboards grew into an out of control hobby and I was approached by Euroglass in Hossegor. Euroglass is one of the best surfboard factories in the world from Quiksilver. With shapers like Christiaan Bradley, Mark Phipps and Simon Anderson. Euroglass wanted to put their boards on the Dutch market, for this they were looking for a surf shop with knowledge. After Euroglass followed many well-known brands and Dave Surfboards became an online core surf shop for all levels surfers. It still is to this day.


After a few years I became involved alongside Dave Surfboards in guiding and coaching surfing talent in the North West of the Netherlands. Among the talents were Petten locals Mike van Westen, Kevin Stins, Niels Kooij and multiple Dutch junior champion Joshua Groot. These talents were quickly selected for the Dutch team. Now a number of years later these men are still riding and testing for the Dave Surfboards team. With good feedback over and over again, conversations with the world’s best shapers and surf trips around the world, Dave Surfboards is still the address in the Netherlands to get your favorite surfboard shape. Or to help you select your ultimate surfboard.

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